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He’s got One of Those Good Cameras…

He's a Nikon Guy Too
Kevin Nealon

Event photography is one of the best outlets I have.  It is sort of like street photography sometimes.  I get to photograph people who are relaxed and generally having a good time, and they usually volunteer.  The most pressure is the complete lack of light or someone who has had a few too many, or the occasional oversight of a good pair of earplugs near the stage.  Usually, I get the job done, stay out of the way, make sure I fill the shot list and down the road I go.  When I get it right, no one really thinks about me or what I am doing, and if the client is happy with the images it is all good.

So I do have a bit of sage advise for people who want to do event photography, “comedians are tricky.”  I mean, Sixpence None the Richer did not invite me to sing Kiss Me with Leigh Nash, and Jack Nicklaus did not ask me advice on his putt, but what you cannot tell from this frame is that I had somehow become part of the act.

Now, I know what you are thinking, this should make me happy, I am always cracking jokes, especially about myself, and I love to give a chuckle to someone at any time, but at this point, not so much.  At this moment I am trying to be like a kid in 1940, seen but not heard.  The set up works like this, I had taken shots of the crowd and some couples and the warm up act, and so it came time for Kevin Nealon to take the stage.  I got up close to take a few shots and then get away from the stage so the paying guests could enjoy the show, and I guess due to the fact that I am not the smallest event photographer to ever live, or the fact that I have two amazing Nikon bodies thrown over my shoulders, or just that he was blinded by my bald head… any way he noticed that I was there and began to mug for the camera.  Thankfully, I was not really a bother to him, but it did make me lose my ability to blend in so to speak.

After I sort of got out of the line of fire, he saw me again off to the side, and he points at me and says the best line about a photographer anyone said all evening.

He’s got one of those good cameras, a Black One!


Kevin Nealon everybody.


One other thing, Kevin is a Nikon guy, so that makes up for everything.  After the show he has figured out that it is faster and better for everyone, if he has someone take photos of him at the autograph table with his fans, and then post them on his website, so that everyone gets to shake hands, and no one has to figure out someone else’s camera.  What a brilliant guy.


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James Bruce Photography Real Estate Terms of Image Usage (short list)

James Bruce Photography 2014 Terms of Image Usage Summary

1.  Images (including photos and videos) produced by James Bruce Photography are the property by law of James Bruce Photography. We do not transfer rights to those images to third parties including realtors.

2.  Images are not owned by the realtor, agent, broker, mls, parent company or any other entity.

3.  Images are licensed to the original realtor(s) for the duration of the listing (single property address) (in case of property for sale) or for 1 year in the case of property for lease.  Additional licensing may be purchased, please let us konw what you need.

4.  Images may be re-purposed by James Bruce Photography during and/or after the listing period for reasons including but not limited to, promotion of James Bruce Photography, promotion of the agent’s business, builder/stager/designer portfolio, licensing to another agent after a listing has expired, or any other legitimate reason.

5.  Images may not be transferred by the agent to any party (including brokers, builders, architects, stagers) except as needed for the promotion of the property for sale.  Examples of the legitimate use of images would be posting on the realtor’s or company’s own website, posting to social media for the duration of the listing, publication in advertising for property for sale in periodicals such as newspapers or magazines.

6.  Images may be given to the sellers of property for non-commercial use.  A media kit is downloadable from our tours that is appropriate for that usage.