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Better Preparation=Better Pictures, Period.

James Bruce Photography
This is not my beautiful Car, this is not my beautiful house.

Lately I have gotten some fantastic photographic opportunities.  I walked into a real estate office today and one of the agents said to me, “You are everywhere!”  Well of course not really, but it has been a great couple of months with several super homes that warranted some very out there marketing.  Thanks to The Reserve at Lake Travis for trusting us to shoot the home for the cover story in Luxury Home Magazine this month and Dara Allen for the cover of Southeby’s Magazine in August.  The only reason that we get that kind of exposure is that someone has a home that needs that exposure.  I am just glad to have gotten to be the one to make the clicks.

A big part of both of those sessions was some prep in advance.  In both cases, we were invited to preview the property in advance, make notes, give input and finally take the snaps.  I cannot begin to explain what a difference it made to the final product.  The cover shot really stands out to me in that way.

First we had the chance to do the walk-through with the designer and plan the shoot.  During that walk-through the subject of the cover with the car came up.  We were able to plan that part of the shoot, so that we could execute it when the time came.  That turned out to be very important because the car was only available for a short time, on short notice.

Second, we shot the house for the magazine, in the RAIN!  Yep, how scary was that, but it turned out great, and again we got one more opportunity to capture photons in the space we would be shooting the car.  From those two experiences I was able to plan the shoot in my mind so I would be ready when the time came.

Third, on the day of the shoot, we got the car with very short notice, (the time was not known until the morning of) and for a very short time (about 40 mins if I could get there early), and I still had to get there from across Austin, yea Austin.  So of course, traffic, and 20 mins late, so now only about 22 mins for the shoot.  I arrive, hop out, grabbed my trusty Profoto lights, reflector and battery,  stuck em on stands where we had pre planned, and took about 12 clicks, showed them to the mag, got a selfie with the car, got the peeps in a pic, and heard the engine rev and out in just over 22 mins.

So me, giddy schoolgirl that I am, doing the happy dance all the way to the computer, knowing we got the shot we wanted because of preparation.

Better Preparation=Better Pictures, Period.