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Motion is how we see the world. Often we need to stop the world and have a good look at it.  Sometimes we don’t want to stop it, but need to slow it down, or focus on a certain area of it, or just watch how it moves over and over again.  So we have two kinds of imagery, still and motion.

The last couple of years have seen so many new avenues for images particularly motion that we had to start to think of a way to use it to help our clients to tell their story, or their product’s story.  We could have, and maybe should have jumped into video delivery sooner, but we wanted to develop motion imagery that is similar in quality to our still images.  After some additions to our video equipment and some real tough hours slogging it out with software and stability platforms including our quadcopters we think we have something of which we can be proud and will help our clients to stand out.

Motion vs Video

I suppose it is really splitting hairs to call what we are doing “motion”.  Almost everyone talks about moving pictures as being video, so why the “motion” term?  The reason to use the term motion is that for a while we have been delivering a version of our virtual tours as video.  Really what has been happening is that the slideshow tour is being converted to a video format and put out for use on platforms like You-Tube.  The virtual tours have a “Ken Burns” style panning applied to them, but there is not a sense that they are true motion video.  In many ways I think that these videos are superior to real motion images in that the still photographs they are created from have higher resolution and greater color and light balancing that cannot be done with motion.  Motion though has some clear advantages, we can include the ambient sound, blazing fires, pool splashes and movement through a space that cannot be done with a two dimensional photo.  In order to distinguish between the two types of images, we will be using the term motion or motion video to label our true video products.

One of the issues that we are working on is pricing.  Motion takes more time on site and a lot more time to edit than stills do.  That being said we also know that bottom line cost has to be considered when talking about marketing and no one has an unlimited budget.  Look for pricing to follow our stills pricing but with a higher base price.  We should get a pricelist done very soon.

We have some examples of the Motion that have already been in circulation.  We would love some feedback.

Karen Kelly, whom we have worked with for almost 9 years has a really great new listing in the Four Seasons Residences.

A few weeks ago we delivered a project for Greg Walling at Moreland Properties that we think is a good example of the style we are going for.