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Order Daytime Photography

The JBP Texas Two Step.  

There are 2 steps to booking with James Bruce Photography. First choose a date and fill in the form,(Green Dates are available, Red is Full, Grey is unavailable)  then proceed to our store to choose your package and options and check out.  If you need photography on a day that is showing full, please call us at 512-293-5339 and we will see if we can get you in.


Orders for the next day must be placed by 5 pm Austin time.

You will receive a confirmation email for each step.

Please note that you will have to enter the address for the property twice, once on the calendar and once on the product order.  We are working to make all of this into one checkout path, but that is a bit easier said than done.


We have discovered that there is a random glitch for some users where the information form does not show up under the calendar.  We are trying to track this down, but we believe it is related to an extension in Chrome.  If the calendar looks distorted or the form is not present, please call me.  The issue is random and has been very difficult to pin down.


Available days:


For your convenience we are currently taking for reservations weekday photography, please call us for listings on weekends.  512-293-5339.


  • Use the Calendar to Choose a Date for Your Session.  


If the order button does not redirect you please click here